​Welcome to BluGlass. We are a new breed of semiconductor company dedicated to bringing to market a breakthrough in the LED lighting and power electronics industries.

We are developing a technology called remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD), which is a revolutionary approach to the manufacture of group III nitrides which are essential components of millions of electronics devices.

Our goal is to offer better performing, lower cost devices and more environmentally sustainable processes for the manufacturers of high efficiency devices such as LEDs for overhead lighting, power electronics for power conversion and concentrated solar cells for utility scale solar power.

We believe these technologies are set to have meaningful impact on the global economy and environment as the world inevitably engages in climate change mitigation and better environmental practices.

BluGlass is now at a pivotal phase in our growth and commercialistion. The RPCVD technology has progressed to such an extent, that we have been able to formally engage with the industry to begin the process of evaluation and acceptance of the RPCVD technology with the objective of translating this into a meaningful outcome for the business.


BluGlass now has three industry evaluations in place with companies that have respected leadership positions in their relative markets. The immediate goal for the Company is to continue to improve on recent technology results and steer the Company towards industry acceptance. The objective is to fulfil the longer term goals, namely commercialising the technology via RPCVD foundry applications, licencing, partnership (JV / JDA) or by retrofitting existing MOCVD systems. 

Our extensive IP portfolio continues to grow as our exceptionally talented team of scientists and engineers break new ground.

We are committed to the continued development and commercialisation of our low temperature technology and we invite you to join us on our exciting progress towards delivering our cutting edge technology into BluGlass' rapidly growing target markets.

Giles Bourne, CEO & MD
​​BluGlass is an Australian Public Company established to commercialise a breakthrough platform semiconductor technology.

Founded in June 2005 as a result of more than 15 years research at Sydney’s Macquarie University and floated in September 2006 on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: BLG), BluGlass is developing semiconductor processes and equipment for the manufacture of high efficiency devices such as next generation lighting technology, light emitting diodes (LEDs) power electronics and concentrated solar cells.

BluGlass’ proprietary technology, remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (
RPCVD) has the potential, once commercialised to offer manufacturers significant performance, cost and throughput benefits. By growing group III nitrides, such as gallium nitride (GaN) at lower temperatures, with the potential for greater production scalability, electronic manufacturers can produce higher performing devices at lower costs in a more environmentally sensitive way.

The Company holds a number of
patents in key semiconductor markets including the US, China, Europe and Japan.


In 2009, BluGlass established a wholly owned subsidiary; BluSolar Pty Ltd to explore the potential of applying its proprietary technology for the development of high efficiency nitride based solar cells. Based on the emerging solar material indium gallium nitride (InGaN), research suggests that InGaN solar cells have the potential to convert almost the full spectrum of sunlight to electrical power. InGaN solar cells promise to be long lasting, relatively inexpensive and importantly, the most efficient ever created. BluGlass will be looking to demonstrate this proof of principle using its RPCVD technology.

In 2010, SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS) a then subsidiary of Sumitomo Precision Products (TYO: 6355), became a cornerstone investor acquiring a 19.9% stake in BluGlass Limited. The two companies also entered into a joint venture agreement to continue the development of the RPCVD process and equipment. The joint venture was successfully concluded in October 2012 following the production of high quality crystalline GaN grown at low temperatures using RPCVD. SPTS continue to provide marketing support for the RPCVD technology and remain involved with the company both as a collaborator and a strategic investor with a current holding of 22.45%.

In November 2012 BluGlass achieved its proof of concept milestone, producing n-GaN films grown at low temperature using RPCVD that met industry electrical performance benchmarks. This was a breakthrough achievement critical to proving the value of a low temperature technology to the industry.

In October 2013, BluGlass took out the top award at the Australian Cleantech Competition (now the Australian Technologies Competetition), being named Australia's top Cleantech company. In 2014 BluGlass was named in the Top 30 Global Cleantech companies by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association. 

2015 brought BluGlass significantly closer to achieving its commercial goals with some major advancements in the development of the RPCVD technology, with the Company moving into its ‘industry acceptance’ phase. Some of the most significant achievements during the 2015 financial year included overcoming the interface challenge that had been hindering the progression of the RPCVD performance demonstration. This breakthrough immediately led to a 10 fold improvement in the RPCVD LED light output, when compared to our previously published performance data, and this has subsequently been improved on many times since.

BluGlass also delivered its goal of successfully commissioning the BLG-300, the scaled up RPCVD platform capable of larger area deposition (up to 19x2 inch wafers, or up to one 8 inch wafer). The BLG-300 is the most advanced RPCVD platform built to date. This system has greatly advanced the BluGlass technology development, but importantly will also be used to demonstrate to the industry that the RPCVD platform can be brought to commercial scale, both in terms of deposition area and successful growth on larger sized wafers.

As a result of the advances in the RPCVD technology, in April 2015 BluGlass entered into an industry evaluation agreement with one of the global leaders in the semiconductor equipment industry, Veeco Instruments (Nasdaq: VECO). Veeco are evaluating the RPCVD low temperature p-GaN for green LEDs and power electronics, two important applications where a low temperature process is thought to be highly advantageous to enabling market growth.

In March 2016, BluGlass  announced that it entered into an exclusive collaboration agreement with Lumileds, a world leading LED company. Lumileds ( develops, manufactures and distributes LEDs and automotive lighting products. The two companies will work together to explore potential use of low temperature RPCVD for specific LED applications defined by the agreement. This agreement follows on from the initial collaboration of BluGlass and Lumileds commenced in November 2015.


In May 2016, announced that it will commence a collaboration with HC SemiTek, a leading Chinese LED chip manufacturer that supplies full  color ultra- high brightness LED products throughout the Chinese market BluGlass and HC SemiTek will collaborate to review the RPCVD advantages for green LEDs and will also explore low temperature deposition of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) to use in high brightness LEDs.

BluGlass now has in place three industry evaluations with companies that have respected leadership positions in their relative markets. This forms part of our key strategy to complete our industry acceptance phase as we progress towards commercialising our proprietary RPCVD technology

BluGlass and its shareholders share a vision of RPCVD becoming a key technology in the production of energy efficient devices such as LEDs, power electronics and
CPV solar cells.​​​​

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