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Dominique Morrison Consulting presents ‘Assessment of BluGlass’ RPCVD Technology’

BluGlass is pleased to provide an independent expert review of the RPCVD Technology by technical consultant, Dr Dominique Morrison (BSc(Hons) MSc PhD).

The report provides a

  • clear analysis of the benefits of BluGlass’ key technologies/IP assets
  • presents a benefit comparison of RPCVD, relative to the incumbent MOCVD technology (advantages and disadvantages) for each of the identified applications
  • identifies potential barriers to commercialisation
  • identifies key LED and Laser Diode players
  • provides an assessment of the deliverability/manufacturability of the technology and summarises the current status
  • identifies what is needed for effective deployment into the end markets

 The report is available to download here


Dr Morrison specialises in the assessment of innovative and potentially disruptive technologies. As a contracted expert, Dr Morrison supports the evaluation of innovation actions for both the European Commission and the UK’s innovation agency (Innovate UK).

During her Physics degree, Dr. Morrison developed a keen interest in semiconductor materials. In the mid 90s, her pioneering research in the field of Silicon Carbide was captured in her PhD, ‘The Fabrication and Characterisation of Silicon Carbide Devices’.

Dr. Morrison’s industrial career started with photonics company, Bookham Technology (now Lumentum), where she developed MOCVD processes for III-V semiconductor LASERs. Later roles included the technology development of silicon devices (Atmel North Tyneside) and silicon photovoltaics (UK’s National Renewable Energy Centre). Before setting up her independent consultancy, Dr Morrison raised significant innovation funding and successfully managed the delivery and exploitation of a number of solar energy innovation projects. As an independent technical consultant, she shares her innovation and research expertise with businesses of all sizes.

More information on Dominique Morrison Consulting is available at www.dominiquemorrison.com