Key Points • BLG-300 upgrade installation and commissioning has been successfully completed • Early results are showing good progress on required uniformity; optimisation of hardware and process ongoing • BLG-300 is expected to recommence industry evaluations in coming weeks • Lumileds Phase II collaboration is making substantial progress

BluGlass Limited is pleased to announce that its upgraded BLG-300, the larger Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) platform, has been successfully installed and commissioned. The upgraded platform is already demonstrating good progress towards the uniformity and electrical properties required for the BluGlass industry evaluations. The technology team will continue to test and adjust the new installation over the coming weeks to optimise its performance. The BLG-300 is anticipated to return to the BluGlass industry evaluation work in the coming weeks.

Chief Technology & Operations Manager, Dr. Ian Mann said today “We are very pleased with how well the installation and commissioning has gone, with the upgrade producing good results from the first run”. He added “We believe that this demonstration of the scalability using the new modular RPCVD design will be replicable in the future and help enable even larger deposition RPCVD platforms.” While the BLG-300 installation has slowed some of the industry evaluation progression, BluGlass and Lumileds agree that the Phase II Collaboration is making steady progress. This and the IQE collaboration will again be expedited with the upgraded BLG-300 starting industry work in September. Managing Director, Giles Bourne also added “The opportunity for RPCVD that we are exploring with Lumileds is very compelling, as demonstrated by the high level of commitment from both parties. Both Lumileds and BluGlass are encouraged with the strong progress being made on the Phase II collaboration”. -Ends-

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