Key Points:

  • The upgraded BLG-300 demonstrates thickness uniformity over 2, 4 and 6-inch wafers

  • LED efficiency already demonstrated on par with previous best RPCVD results and with significantly improved performance uniformity

  • Scaling design from BLG-180 to the BLG-300 has worked successfully and is anticipated to be applicable to larger RPCVD platforms

Australian technology innovator, BluGlass Limited (ASX:BLG) has today announced that the upgraded BLG-300 chamber has demonstrated RPCVD deposition uniformity within BluGlass’ targets for LED wafers, up to six inch in size.

BluGlass is commercialising a breakthrough semiconductor technology called Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) for the manufacture of next generation LEDs, power electronics and solar cells, that offers manufacturers a number of advantages including higher performance and lower cost.

The upgraded BLG-300, the Company’s larger RPCVD platform, is now producing good thickness uniformity of <3% variance over two and four-inch wafers and <3.5% variance over a single six-inch wafer, meeting BluGlass’ targets to progress on the commercialisation projects. The upgraded chamber, which is a scaled-up version of the successful BLG-180 design, has also produced LED efficiency on par with the Company’s previous best results. This is a significant step-forward for BluGlass as it works to deliver industry acceptance of the RPCVD technology.

In another important development, the improved BLG-300 has also delivered LED performance uniformity. These benchmarks are critical to demonstrating the commercial application of BluGlass’ unique low temperature technology.

Managing Director Giles Bourne said today “The new chamber design has been highly successful in a number of key areas for BluGlass. The thickness and performance uniformity have now been demonstrated, and by applying the identical design from the BLG-180 to the larger BLG-300, we have also shown that RPCVD can be scaled in size and for the deposition of larger wafers.” He continued “All of this is substantial progress for the RPCVD technology and our commercialisation efforts”.

The BLG-300 has now been re-deployed on the development of the Company’s industry evaluations with Lumileds, IQE and others, all of which will benefit from the improved uniformity and larger wafer deposition capability.


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