Key Points

  • BLG-300II installation and commissioning has been successfully completed

  • Material growths on the new RPCVD platform have now commenced

  • The new BLG-300II is an upgraded version of BluGlass’ RPCVD workhorse - the BLG-300

  • The installation significantly increases BluGlass’ development and foundry capacity by more than 30%

BluGlass has today announced that the BLG-300II, the newest RPCVD deposition system, is now commissioned and has commenced RPCVD growth runs at the Company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

This new platform is an upgraded hardware design of BluGlass’ RPCVD workhorse, the BLG-300, which has been the backbone of the Company’s development programs and enabled the recent technology breakthrough in RPCVD tunnel junctions for the LED industry.

Managing Director, Giles Bourne said “We are very pleased to have the BLG-300II online. This new platform incorporates all the learnings and hardware development expertise gained by the Company to date and represents the cutting edge of the RPCVD process and hardware. It will significantly assist BluGlass in delivering our industry goals”.

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