BluGlass has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 10,355,165, Buried Activated p-(Al,In)GaN Layers. This proprietary technology has significant performance potential in a number of applications including high-brightness LEDs, micro-LEDs, laser diodes, solar cells, and other optoelectronic and power electronics devices.

Key Points

  • Key US Patent awarded for (buried activated p-GaN) in Tunnel Junctions

  • Tunnel Junctions are a building block for cascade LEDs (two or more LEDs grown in a continuous stack)

  • Cascade LEDs enable significantly improved performance

  • There is also significant potential for use in a range of other applications

  • BluGlass actively working with prospective customers on possible applications

BluGlass’ Managing Director, Giles Bourne said “This patent adds an important cornerstone to BluGlass’ intellectual property portfolio, protecting our unique RPCVD process, hardware and competitive advantages. RPCVD allows us to develop this elegant new option for resolving the challenges of efficiency droop in high-performance LEDs - something that's been very difficult to resolve using the industry standard MOCVD technology.” “Our growing strategic patent portfolio, comprising 63 internationally granted patents, continues to underpin the commercialisation of our RPCVD technology across a range of market segments with long-term market exclusivity”. BluGlass has received strong interest on the performance potential of RPCVD tunnel junctions and cascade LEDs from the industry. Discussions with a number of groups are continuing.

The full announcement is available to download here

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