BluGlass (ASX: BLG) has entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with leading US based LED company, Bridgelux. The agreement is to develop cascade LEDs using BluGlass’ RPCVD technology, to establish a path for mainstream applications in the general lighting market.

Key Points:

  • BluGlass and Bridgelux to collaborate on cascade LEDs for the growing general lighting market

  • Bridgelux is an international leader in the development of high performing, cost effective LED solutions

  • serving the general lighting market

  • delivering products for more than 2500 customers around the globe

  • Bridgelux will work with BluGlass to evaluate BluGlass’ RPCVD and tunnel junction technologies for cascade LED development

  • The JDA is to establish a path to deliver cascade LEDs for mainstream applications

The two parties are collaborating to build on BluGlass’ remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD) tunnel junction technology, to develop cascade LEDs. BluGlass and Bridgelux will work to develop competitive applications for the growing general lighting market.

For over 15 years, Bridgelux has designed and produced LED lighting solutions for the general lighting market that are high performing, energy efficient, cost effective and easy to integrate. Bridgelux’s focus on technology development has yielded proprietary innovations in LED design and manufacturing processes that enable its products to deliver the right quality of light to accelerate mass adoption of LED lighting.

BluGlass is developing and commercialising semiconductor technology called remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD). RPCVD’s low temperature, ammonia free process offers unique performance advantages for electronics manufacturers including higher performing, lower cost devices. The Company recently demonstrated an industry breakthrough with its patented ‘active as grown’ RPCVD tunnel junctions for LED wafers. These tunnel junctions could solve the industry challenge of efficiency droop, by combining multiple LEDs in a single vertical LED stack - generating greater light output for less power.

The joint development program aims to successfully integrate BluGlass and Bridgelux’s unique technologies in high performance commercial LED applications and to ultimately drive commercial adoption of RPCVD enabled cascade LEDs for general lighting - through the future provision of RPCVD equipment and process licensing. The terms of the JDA are non-exclusive and will provide revenues to BluGlass for its development work.

“Bridgelux is a leader in solid state lighting innovation and is always working on developing new technologies for the LED lighting industry. We look forward to exploring the potential of RPCVD with BluGlass,” said Tim Lester, CEO of Bridgelux.

Giles Bourne, CEO and Managing Director of BluGlass added “We are delighted to have Bridgelux as a development partner to help deliver the competitive advantages of RPCVD tunnel junctions into this important high growth market. Bridgelux is an innovative leader producing premium lighting to high-end markets around the globe. This commercial partnership marks an exciting milestone for BluGlass and we look forward to enabling the lighting technologies of the future together”.

About Bridgelux Bridging Light and Life™. Bridgelux is a leading developer and manufacturer of light source, control and driver solutions that allow companies, industries and people to experience the power and possibility of LED lighting. The company's solutions deliver high quality light for the commercial, industrial and outdoor markets. For more information, please visit

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