• BluGlass contributes laser diode development to Yale University for US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program

  • Laser Diode business update

  • demonstrated working 405nm, 420nm and 450nm laser diode designs

  • 405nm product development is approaching commercial specifications

  • BLG-500 update

  • now contributing to tunnel junction projects, including laser diode development program

  • material growths with very good thickness uniformity

  • FY2020 R&D tax rebate of $2.7M (received subsequent to the end of the quarter)

Australian semiconductor developer, BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG), is pleased to provide this Quarterly Update to accompany the Appendix 4C Quarterly Report for the three months ended 30 September 2020.

BluGlass contributes laser diode development to Yale University for US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program

BluGlass has received a US government-funded sub-award contract from Yale University to assist DARPA to develop novel laser diode technology.

BluGlass and Yale University will conduct paid research and development under DARPA’s Lasers for Universal Microscale Optical Systems (LUMOS) initiative which seeks to combine efficient integrated optical systems and complete photonics functionality onto a single substrate.

Part of the U.S. Department of Defense, DARPA pursues opportunities for transformational change rather than incremental advances. It does so collaboratively as part of a robust innovation ecosystem that includes academic, corporate, and governmental partners.

We are very excited to be part of the team selected to contribute to the DARPA LUMOS program. This opportunity allows BluGlass to showcase our capabilities in GaN Laser epitaxial growth technology, while demonstrating the integration of our technology into next generation laser applications such as Photonic Integrated Circuits, that could lead to further commercial opportunities.

Commercial scale RPCVD system, the BLG-500, commences product development

BluGlass’ commercial scale manufacturing platform, the BLG-500, has commenced contributing to the Company’s laser diode and LED development programs. The remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD) system has now overcome its previous intermittent hardware issue.

The platform has now completed its performance testing. Several demonstrations of working tunnel junction wafers grown on the BLG-500 has qualified the platform to commence product development.

The BLG-500’s large scale will significantly increase BluGlass’ foundry customer output capacity at its state-of-the-art Silverwater advanced manufacturing facility.

The new platform is showing strong potential for the future with the planetary design working as intended to address RPCVD uniformity requirements for the commercial manufacture of large-scale wafers. The BLG-500 is growing GaN films with very good thickness uniformity across 6-inch wafer equivalent area.

The BLG-500 is now contributing to BluGlass’ key tunnel junction projects, including the Company’s laser diode and cascade LED commercialisation roadmaps.

Laser Diode Development Progress

BluGlass is developing a range of laser diode products, including standard and novel RPCVD tunnel junction designs, across multiple market segments. Three of BluGlass’ standard laser diode designs are making good progress – with the Company’s 405nm, 420nm and 450nm designs now demonstrating lasing behaviour.

The Company’s 405nm design is showing performance that is approaching commercial specifications in brightness. These results have been verified through multiple fabrication vendors.

The company remains on track to deliver sample products of one of its standard laser diode designs to customers for testing this calendar year and into early 2021, on the back of promising technical results in these three product development roadmaps.

A portfolio of applications under design was published in the October business update available to download here:

Manufacturing Preparedness and Supply Chain Qualification

BluGlass has made significant efforts to secure a robust supply chain. The Company is in the process of qualifying multiple providers in each segment of the supply chain around the world to help mitigate future supply chain impacts and to ensure the business is working with the best possible suppliers to meet our manufacturing goals.

Processing timelines from design and epitaxial growth through to initial testing have now been significantly expedited with the provision of multiple suppliers. BluGlass’ 2-inch manufacturing supply chain qualification is expected to complete on schedule in the December quarter.

Our US team, based out of our fully operational testing facility in Nashua, New Hampshire, has grown with the addition of two industry experienced, expert laser diode packaging and test engineers.

Financial Summary

In accordance with ASX LR 4.7C.1, the following amounts were paid in relation to the material activities undertaken during the quarter:

In accordance with ASX LR 4.7C.3, during the quarter an amount of $63,000 was paid to related parties, representing managing director and non-executive director fees.

Cash at end of the quarter was $3.6M before the FY2020 R&D tax rebate of $2.7M (received subsequent to the end of the quarter).

Customer foundry revenue for the quarter totaled $33,000.

ASX Listing Rule 4.10.16 Disclosure

Pursuant to ASX LR 4.10.16, the table below provides the number of holders in each class of unquoted securities on issue. This table below is an updated version of the table contained in section 6 on page 58 of the 2020 Annual Report.

Download the full Quarterly Report and Appendix 4C Below:

FOR RELEASE Qrtly Report and App 4C 30 O
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